SPS: The Best Place to Purchase Stock Photos for Commercial Use

Are you looking for a website to purchase stock photos for commercial use? There are a number of choices in the market, but the cheapest deal so far is that of Stock Photo Secrets.

Stock Photo Secrets (SPS) is a stock photo site especially designed for small and mid-sized businesses. They offer handpicked premium images at very cheap deals. With a collection of over 5 million images, vectors and fonts, you will surely find the perfect image for your project. Plus, over 100,000 new files are added every month.

With a Stock Photo Secrets subscription plan, you can:

  • Browse over 5 million high quality images, vectors and fonts
  • Create and share your own lightboxes
  • Follow your favorite artists
  • Download any image in super high resolution (up to XXL sizes)
  • Get professional royalty free license
  • Keep everything you download forever

Wait, there’s more! SPS recently added an Extended License to their offering, which lets you download and use the images for commercial use.

The standard royalty-free license from the stock photo site allows you to use the photos for commercial use, but it doesn’t allow use of images in designs that will be sold multiple times for profit. An Extended License is required to reproduce over 300,000 copies on newspapers, magazines, product packaging, and promotional materials. It is also necessary to create your own design on t-shirts, mugs, postcards, calendars and electronic templates for resale.

SPS Extended License Pricing
The Extended License is available on-demand and in packs. You can purchase a single image for commercial use at $80. A pack of 5 costs $300 or $60 per image, while a 25-image pack is priced at $1,100 or $44 per image. When you purchase a bigger pack, your savings is also rising. But, these are only the regular prices. Members of the stock site enjoy an even greater deal with a 50% discount on every pack.

Members only can download images on-demand for as low as $40 each. The 5-image pack can be purchased at $150, while the pack of 25 costs $550. This means you can download images for commercial use for as low as $22 per image when you subscribe to the stock site.

We recommend getting a bigger pack to enjoy more savings. You don’t have to worry about not being able to use all images because the packs never expire. You can download and use the images anytime you want.

Out of the many stock photo websites in the market, the best deals can be found at Stock Photo Secrets. They do not only offer high quality images; they also have the cheapest prices. If you want to make money with awesome image designs, this is your chance to maximize your gain. Purchase photos for commercial use at SPS and save 50% in the cost by subscribing to the stock site.

What are you waiting for? Discover handpicked premium stock images and increase your profits using stock photos in commercial projects with StockPhotoSecrets.com. Buy a pack now!